An interview with an invaluable community leader.

Exploring the 0x DeFi ecosystem 🪐

💡 Highlights

  • 0x protocol launches on Binance Smart Chain
  • 0x community-DAO is live
  • 0x live YouTube AMA with Co-founders/CEOs

🧩 New App Integrations

  • OneKey — A more reliable Cryptocurrency wallet
  • UniDex — The ultimate DeFi trading terminal by traders…

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  • 00:19​ Ecosystem snapshot, roadmap
  • 05:16​ ZEIP 84 recap
  • 05:58​ RFQ liquidity ramping up
  • 10:29​ Update on BSC
  • 13:48​ Expanding…

0x DAO key points

  • Initially, the DAO will only control the community treasury and not upgrades to the core protocol.
  • The DAO will…

Exploring the 0x DeFi ecosystem 🪐

Key points

  • Options are derivatives contracts that give the buyer the right, but not the obligation, to buy or sell a fixed amount of an underlying asset at a fixed price on…

Our universe is bigger and more liquid than ever.

An interview with a phenomenal 0x ecosystem builder

💡 Highlights

An interview with a leading 0x market maker

A recap of 0x Labs’ internal hackathon — July 2020

Brent Oshiro

Head of CX @0xProject @Matchaxyz

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